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About the FAIR Program



Conquer your fears. For many people, the frustration of being unable to make their mortgage payment paralyzes them with fear and stress. They stop opening the mail, start avoiding phone calls and procrastinate on paying the bills. The fastest way to feel relief if you are behind on your mortgage payments is to act quickly. The window to enact positive changes and avoid foreclosure is narrow.
Get on the phone. Most homeowners aren't prepared to tackle what lies ahead of them after defaulting on mortgage. If you can be specific and persuasive you may be able to negotiate a loan modification with your lender. If you'd like assistance with this important step, contact us to guide you through the process.
Negotiate. Equip yourself with documentation and facts to request a loan modification, refinance or lowered interest rate agreement. There are a number of options available to homeowners including a lowered interest rate, lowered monthly payment, or extending your loan term. Try to remain objective through this period as in the end, gaining a mortgage modification is ultimately a negotiation between yourself and your lender.
Put your home on the market immediately. When all else fails and you have been unsuccessful at working out a solution with your lender it is time to put your property up for sale-- immediately. Work with a FAIR Counselor another licensed real estate professional who has successfully represented homeowners previously in foreclosure. The faster you get your home sold, the less damage will be done to your finances and your state of health. See our Client Testimonials.

Our Core Values


Do Good. We believe that the best way to conduct business is to have everyone’s best interests at heart. It’s about looking at how your decisions will impact the people around you before making them, and ensuring that you have a positive impact on as many people as possible.
Transparency. The key elements to any successful relationship are deliberate communication, mutual understanding, and trust. Being honest and open about ALL our dealings allows us to focus on the future and not worry about the past.
Diligence. The only way to deliver a superior product to the market and to leave a lasting impression is to be on point in everything that you do. We’re determined and dedicated. We encourage efficiency, accuracy, and readiness. We’re prompt, organized, and you can expect us to always follow through.
Passion. It’s simple – we love what we do, we love helping people, and we love real estate. We believe in our vision of fostering a financially sound lifestyle.
Growth-Profitability-Stability (GPS). This is the foundation of a successful future. We think ten steps ahead, put the appropriate plans in place, and measure results so we can keep finding ways to do things better.
Be Healthy. Good health is crucial to having a balanced life. We advocate not just physical well-being, but mental, emotional and financial health as well.
Dream Big. You can accomplish great things when you set your goals high and do what’s necessary to achieve them. What do we dream about? We dream about leading the movement in assisting homeowners with freedom from loans and mortgages that are bad for their financial futures, while helping the people around us grow professionally and personally.