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Creating Your Second Chance – Life After FAIR

If you faced a recent foreclosure, the most important thing is not to panic. It will not help you at all. Nearly one million families in USA face this difficult moment every year. So, you are not the only one to face this situation. Naturally, after a foreclosure you will feel an unwanted stress coupled with anger as the home owner. It is a difficult emotional situation to handle of course. However, there are ways to get back to your normal life if you did not get panicked. The most important thing to remember is that foreclosure is not the end of everything. You can consider as a new beginning.


Credit report can be restored

Main concern of many of the people after a foreclosure is the credit rating. Fair enough! Your credit ratings are the base of obtaining new loans and mortgages. After a foreclosure, your credit scores will be demolished and obtaining a loan facility will be nearly impossible for you. In addition to that, your credit card interest rates will increase over 30% making the situation worse. However, a foreclosure means a single mistake on your credit history. If you haven’t fall behind on the other bills and debt rentals and if you can keep the credit limit of the credit card below 10%, you have a good chance of restoring your credit history within two years.


You CAN find a new home

Do not worry about finding a new home for you. There are various options available. Institutes like Federal National Mortgage Association, or Fannie Mae, allows people to go for another loan within 05 years’ time of foreclosure. You can consider renting home for a reasonable and affordable price meanwhile. Most of the landlords will permit you to reside despite of the foreclosure concerning your work history and credit scores. In fact, if an individual is able to retain a minimum credit score of 580 after a foreclosure, it is good enough to rent an apartment or even a small house. The monthly rental you pay is very much affordable than paying a large mortgage rent, which allows you to build your financial stability over the time.

It is not drastic as you think

Interestingly, even after a foreclosure, most of the home owners manage to live in the same house they lived before the situation. This is because they manage to go for a refinance facility or a mortgage adjustment process. However, in case you move to another house, you will most probably live in the neighborhood on rental basis. As per the statistics, the new dwellings for the once who faced foreclosure, have almost the same value of the foreclosed home. In addition to that, with the adjusted rental payment, they can rebuild their financial stability.

It helps to build the financial

In fact, you can consider foreclosure as an opportunity to replenish your financial status. When you are on a mortgage loan, you have to repay the installments even by withdrawing from your savings and retirement funds. Upon a foreclosure, you will most probably pay a rental which is affordable. Gradually you will be able to build your financial status omitting the main burden of mortgage rental.






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