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How to Help a Friend Facing Foreclosure

Foreclosure has become a common occurrence these days. You do not need to put much effort to find someone whose house is in foreclosure. Although these people who face foreclosure rarely talk about it in public, there are always glaring signs.

A good friend always helps another friend in need. If you wonder how to help them at a critical stage like foreclosure, the following are just a few ideas on how to be a rock in their corner.

When a person faces a foreclosure, he or she loses much more than just their house. This situation can lead to various other mental issues like agony, depression, anger and stress.

When helping a friend in this circumstance, start with their most immediate needs. Their obvious need is a place to live and a safe place to keep their things. You should assist in the search for a place to stay. If you have a vacation home or rental property, you may consider accommodating them. If not, try your best to share your shelter for a couple of days until you find a place for rent. Finding a rental home will not be easy for them as many of the owners look for proof of income and credit reports. However, there are some landlords who can understand the situation and will be willing to work with your friend. Make some phone calls on behalf of your friend to vouch for their ability to make better financial decisions. Or, call the FAIR Program to assist them in transitioning by finding them placement with one of our rental partners.

The "Mover" Friend

You can also help them by providing them with adequate storage. They may not be able to afford a public storage in their current financial situation. By allowing them to store their furniture, kitchen utensils and other valuable stuff at a safer place, you offer a great help.

Once they find a new home, go and help them with arranging. There are ways that you can help them to make their new place a better one.  A small, yet useful housewarming gift can make their life more familiar to the new place. With the new landlord’s consent, try to organize a painting party to build fresh feelings.

The "Holiday Cheer" Friend

Offering them an expensive gift is not the best idea. It may drum up feelings of dependency and grief, but try to take them out and get involved in some low cost activity. It will be a great mental escape for them as they may feel stuck in their new small house. See if your friend would like to join some volunteer activities and get their participation. That helps them to defocus on the problems.

The "Therapy Shoulder" Friend

Make sure that you listen to them intently. They badly need someone to talk with. Talking out will help them to release the pressure and stress. They really do not expect you to provide solutions. Just being there for them regularly is good enough.

Losing one’s house is a terrible thing. It’s an unsafe, unsecure and unstable feeling. What is perhaps the best thing you can do to help them out is to build their mentality. Be with them until they overcome their situation.

Luckily, these friends have someone like you in their corner that cares and wants to help. If you’d like to offer a friend professional advice with a FAIR Counselor regarding solutions for avoiding foreclosure, contact us today at: (310) 321-1234.



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