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If you are having doubts about whether or not you will succeed in getting a loan modification, the FAIR Program is designed to help you reach your goals. You may have found yourself behind in mortgage payments and unfortunately within the foreclosure process. The FAIR Program is designed to help homeowners just like you.

Past FAIR participants have succeeded in avoiding foreclosure, improving their financial state and securing a more stable future. Each homeowner is assigned a personal FAIR Counselor who will be there to listen to your goals and help you achieve success, whether that means getting approved for a loan modification, refinance, or deed-in-lieu agreement with your lender.

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Once you've scheduled your first appointment with FAIR, our licensed FAIR Counselors will help you better understand your loan and review your options with you.

FAIR Counselors are knowledgeable about current trends in lender-homeowner agreements and are prepared to evaluate your home loan with you. Knowing what's at stake when applying for a loan modification, refinance, or deed-in-lieu agreement will increase your chances of seeing your request accepted.

Getting your loan reviewed by a FAIR Counselor is easy and no cost to you at our current special offer. To take advantage of this program's special offer and have your your home loan reviewed, contact FAIR to make an appointment with your local FAIR Counselor.

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After your complete home loan review with your FAIR Counselor, it will be your time to make very important decisions about your future. The FAIR Program is designed for your success and we will provide all the talent and resources needed to see that you avoid foreclosure, improve your finances and reach your goals.

Keeping your home in tact without the financial hardship is everyone's goal. However, if you are still unable to pay off your mortgage or have run out of other options, FAIR will assist you in selling your home to avoid foreclosure. The FAIR program offers resources to maximize the sell of your home and assist you in obtaining comparable relocation housing.

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